Featured in the December 2009 issue of New Orleans' Offbeat Magazine
"Straight out of the New Orleans rhythm and delta style"

"Eaton stomps and howls blending sounds from deep within."
His name is Maxwell Eaton.
His name is Maxwell Eaton. He's a survivor. He's survived many near fatal motorcycle accidents, and other accidents also. Through the air, cars whizz opposite him by boutiques and beautiful women. There's always trouble driving in the city streets. No one else is on the road. The buildings talk to him while he passes, there's a rhythm, he can feel it. *CRASH* He's landed his speedy bike into a nightclub and on the stage, cracked guitar in hand, he joins the band. The groove steps on, as his lately concussed melodies harmonize with the hands of the music. Night grows. A campfire is lit, and it crackles next to the cold wet earth. Max finds himself awakening on a grey beach with the hush of surfy foam. He opens up his sail, and the wind blows the motorcycle across great oceans.
Maxwell has performed with musicians such as Papa Mali, Bill Kreutzmann, Stacy Adams, and John Rankin.

Festival performances include: Auguusti Bluus, Estonia, 2006. Kivisto Folk Festival, Finland, 2007. Minor Blues Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2008. Oregon Country Fair, USA, 2007 / 2008 / 2009.
Instrumentation - If not performing solo
Maxwell Eaton - Guitar, Vocals, and Harmonica
Tom Goiceochea - Tabla and Jar.
Kyle Sherimatero - Hand Percussion and Snare.
David Bode - Saxophone
Jack Pritchett - Trumpet / Trombone.
Jimmy Williams - Bass / Tuba
Alaska Kalanen | ...Zen And The Art of The Blues -2006
Thought Train | self titled -2007
Maxwell Eaton | Earworms -2009
Fig and the New Tones | Pine Cone Classics - 2009